We were asked to design and install a home cinema in Leeds.  Our customer requested for a more intense cinema experience at the press of a button and also a more laid back feel. It can be a challenge to combine the two as typically people are after one or the other although due to our bespoke service we nailed this one on the head.

We provided a generic TV system and cinema screen with a cinema system which drops down over the TV system when requested. One side of the room was mostly windows, which reflected on the opposing wall – ruining the full cinema experience therefore we integrated curtain tracks on each wall to cut out bright daylight and reflections. These are fully automated and work comfortably alongside the other systems.

We managed to achieve exactly what the customer requested. A light and relaxing room during the day and an intense cinema experience at the touch of a button.

We also installed home automation for efficiency and lighting control for ambience throughout the property.

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