Home automation is becoming increasingly popular, as we would expect at the rate the tech industry is growing, which means more and more people have heard of or are considering investing in home automation.

Now what is Home Automation? Home automation in our eyes is a step into luxury living, providing occupiers of a home the ability to control each electrical aspect from one hand held device from anywhere in the world. This can include lights, appliances, electrical outlets, heating and cooling systems and from a security aspect this also includes doors, windows, locks, CCTV, alarms and any other links.

The 3 main reasons people invest in home automation...


We know the feeling of worrying about your home and possessions when you know no one will be there for a while, within your home automation system we can programme your lights to turn on and off, CCTV to move at certain times and even the TV to turn on and off at scheduled times. Everything is bespoke to your needs.

Full Control of your home at your fingertips

Aside from the security aspect, home automation is a great luxury in any home. Turn every light off with one button, draw your curtains and turn the TV on from the comfort of your sofa. Home automation doesn’t have to be for the “rich & famous” and is becoming more popular amongst the standard family home. Due to the bespoke aspect of home automation systems, you are able to fully adapt home automation around your requirements.


People are ready to invest in systems if they provide something back. Home automation can help hugely with keeping energy costs down. Individual devices can be programmed to turn on and off based on the day, month or even season. For example, you could set your heating to turn off as you leave for work and turn back on whilst you’re driving home – all controlled through your mobile device.

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