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At Bawtry Home Cinema we specialise in the design and installation of home automation, audio visual and home cinema systems.

Seamlessly integrating technology into every property

Our systems can incorporate all elements of audio visual distribution, security, lighting and heating control to offer a simple solution to control all of the technology in your property.


With over ten years of experience in the custom installation industry we not only have an extensive knowledge of the systems that we install, but also have strong relationships with manufactures to ensure that we provide the best possible service and support.


Our engineers are highly qualified and professional to ensure that all of the projects that we undertake are carried out with the utmost care and attention to detail.


We offer a totally bespoke service so that every system is designed, installed and commissioned to meet your exact requirements and as we are an independent custom installation company we can offer systems and products from a wide range of manufactures to provide you with the perfect system.


Based in Doncaster, South Yorkshire we are ideally positioned to offer our services across the UK and currently have projects throughout Yorkshire, Cheshire and London.


We also work with a number of property development companies who are forward thinking and have requested our services to install cabling infrastructure into their properties so that systems can be easily added at a later date. As technology is constantly changing "future proofing" a property with a well thought out cabling infrastructure at the build stage is much more cost effective that trying to install it once the property is completed.


If you would like further information about our services and how our systems could be incorporated into your new or existing property we will be more than happy to discuss your requirements. As part of our services we offer a free initial consultation, we also have a showroom in Doncaster where we can demonstrate our systems.


Our showroom has been specifically designed to enable us to demonstrate exactly how our integrated systems would operate in your own home.

All of your audio visual equipment in one location. providing music, movies and TV to every room.

Enjoy 4K TV and film in every room of your home. Have full control of all of your audio visual system from your smart phone or tablet and even see and control what the children are watching.

Listen to your favourite music anywhere in the house, any song, any play-list, completely separated room by room.

Our multi room audio systems incorporate speakers specifically selected for each room, whether you prefer discreet in-ceiling speakers or modern wall mounted speakers covered by artwork we can create the perfect system for you

No wires or collection of boxes below each TV, just discreet speakers and one device to control everything. Simple, minimalist and modern.

One of the major benefits of multi room audio visual systems is that all equipment can be centrally located in the property and then high definition video and audio can be distributed to every room. Sky receivers, Blu-ray players, amplifiers and other equipment can all be discreetly concealed in a cupboard out of sight leaving each room free from unsightly cabinets and wiring.

Whatever your needs are we can provide the appropriate system to meet your exact requirements. We are committed to providing reliable and user friendly systems that require minimal maintenance and offer greater functionality than standard systems.

Contact our showroom for a free consultation and demonstration of our systems

Whether the system is for a new build or refurbishment we can create the perfect system for you. A major advantage of a home automation systems is the reduction in control equipment, traditional light switches can be replaced with modern and stylish switches and all of your remote controls can be reduced to one.

An automated system can also be used for commercial premises, controlling lighting and audio visual equipment to ensure that specific lighting and music is always set the way you like it. Audio visual equipment can turn on, displays can be set to the same video source and music played at the required volume.

The installation of automated systems can be very cost effective and once installed can be reprogrammed or reconfigured to add additional functionality as and when required.

Home Automation not only gives you complete control of your home, it also makes living with technology that little bit simpler. Control your home automation through your smart phone with no need for switches or remotes.

With over 10 years’ experience and a wide range of specially chosen manufactures, we offer systems from basic lighting control to fully integrated, automated home systems. Access control, security and home entertainment are incorporated into every system.

There are a large range of home automation or "smart home" systems available and selecting the most suitable can be difficult. Our system designers and engineers ensure that every systems is as cost effective, reliable and user friendly as possible.

Enjoy the breath-taking cinema experience in your own home, with the highest video resolutions and immersive audio.

Creating your own, bespoke cinema changes the way you enjoy your favourite movies and TV at home. Action, drama and horrors are more captivating and exhilarating than ever.

With 4K projectors, Blu-ray players and high quality speakers we can ensure that your home cinema provides the very best experience possible for your family and friends.

Experience superior sound quality and video in unbelievable detail with Dolby Atmos and 4K UHD video, making your home cinema the best that it can be.

Choose from a huge collection of films from the Kaleidescape Movie Store, your digital library or your disc server.

Relax in soft leather reclining seating and select your favourite film from your movie server. Your collection can be easily stored on a movie server by using a kaleidescape system, a disc server allows you to easily store all of your Blu-ray's and DVDs in one place so that they are always available when you want to watch them.

With the kaleidescape system you can also access the kaleidescape movie store where the latest releases are available in 4K.

Reliable wireless & wired networking, ensuring you never lose access to your media or your connection to the internet.

As your network is at the heart of your system connecting everything together, it is fundamental that it is reliable and secure to ensure that all of the components in the system operate correctly.

Installing strategically placed access points to provide constant, high WIFI signals throughout the property is also required as this increases the speed and stability of control whilst using mobile devices to control the system.

We can also configure your network so that you can have access to your system whilst you are away from home. View your CCTV cameras, check that your alarm is set or just to see if you have left any lights on.

Remote access to your system also helps us to provide you with a more reliable system as any issues can be resolved by our engineers before you are even aware of a problem.

Lighting can change the way that your home looks and feels, accentuate your properties architecture and create a warm and welcoming home.

An important part of any home is lighting. Lighting can make your new home look and feel exactly the way that you would like it to. This can be achieved by a well thought out lighting design, emphasising features of your home as well as providing suitable lighting for each room.

We have chosen to work with a small collection of manufactures to guarantee the highest quality of light fitting and service. These manufactures offer a wide selection of fittings and finishes to match your décor.

Lighting control systems offer greater functionality and control of your lighting to create the perfect mood.

Lighting control systems offer amazing flexibly compared to traditionally wired lighting as each lighting control switch has the ability to control any lighting circuit. This allows for lighting scenes, mood lighting and also specific schedules to be programmed.

Your exterior lighting can also be scheduled and holiday scenes programmed as standard for extra security whilst you are away.

Our lighting control systems have a wide selection of switch finishes all designed to the finest detail to match any home interior.

Protect your home with the latest technology.

Intruder alarm and CCTV systems are continuously becoming more sophisticated and protect your home more effectively than ever before.

High resolution 4k video from CCTV cameras ensures that all recorded footage is of the highest quality, even in low light conditions.

Home security systems use intelligent features to monitor your home at all times and notify you in the event of an intruder.

At Bawtry Home Cinema we can integrate these systems into your home automation system to add further functionality and additional protection to your property, giving you the peace of mind that your home is always secure.

We are a CEDIA member. CEDIA is the international trade organisation for the home technology industry and holds nearly  3,700 companies worldwide

At Bawtry Home Cinema we are committed to providing our clients with the best possible systems and the highest levels of customer service. Our engineers carry out regular training to ensure that they have the relevant skills and product knowledge to integrate all of the technologies in your home.

As a Cedia member we aim to continually advance our skills and knowledge to keep up to date with industry standards.


If you would like further information about the services that we offer, contact our showroom to arrange a free consultation.


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At Bawtry Home Cinema we specialize in the design and installation of home automation, integrated audio visual and home cinema systems.


Our systems can incorporate all elements of audio visual distribution, security, lighting and heating control to offer a simple solution to control all of the technology in your property.

1 Swan Court

The Courtyard


Doncaster DN10 6JG

01302 719027


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